6 FDA-approved indications and a history of clinical use1



CIMZIA® has 12+ years of postmarketing experience with 20+ years of total clinical experiencea and over 80 clinical trials across indications1,5b



patient years

of worldwide cumulative exposure across previously approved indications5c

  1. Human trials initiated in July 1998. First patient, first dose in RA December 1998. Clinical studies investigated patients with RA, CD, PsA, and other diseases, as well as healthy subjects.
  2. Includes approved indications for RA, CD, PsA, AS, nr-axSpA, and PSO, as well as other completed and ongoing research.
  3. Patient exposure was estimated using the available sales data in RA, CD, AS, and PsA from Sept 1, 2007 to Feb 28, 2019 for the cumulative time interval. The exposure of CIMZIA was calculated using the following formula: Patient-years = ([total mg of product distributed]/[monthly maintenance dose])/12 months in year.